What adventure is The Rose Adventure taking you on?

My name is Melanie Rose!

This blog was created to be a food blog and to share my different recipes that I find and create. The focus of taking you on an adventure with food.

I had became my mother’s full time caregiver, which lended me to not having time to keep up with the blog.

Now that my mom has recently passed from this life and onto her eternal resting place.

I have decided to pick up this blog again but with a different focus.

The focus this time will be with my grief journey.

I may still share different recipes, I may even share different places I go to. After all, life is an adventure.

This blog will be raw and I will not be ashamed for it.
This blog will have spelling errors and I will not be ashamed for it.
This blog will document all the different memories I have of my mother, so that I will never forget them, and I will not be ashamed of it.

If you join in this journey with me, I would love to hear from you! So please, send me an email.

Come Along for the adventure that grief brings!

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